Ak Granit Marble Construction Stone. Industry. and Tic. Since 1984, ┼×ti has opened 15.000 m2 open area and 4000 m2 closed area in Sivas 1.Organize Sanayi Region and has been operating in Istanbul / Sancaktepe with 10.000 m2 open and 3000 m2 closed area since 2004 and since 2004 in India / Bangalore '5.500 m2 area and since 2012 this is Vietnam / Qui Nhom 's business activity in Vietnam. Bej marble quarry in Amasya, Onix, Yellow and White Travertine quarries in Sivas province. We import granite and marble from Africa, Brazil, China, India, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Norway in size or plate shape in the factory in Istanbul. It exports blocks from Beige, Onyx, Yellow and White Travertine, Elazig cherry and Turkish marble to plate, China, and India, and is exported to Germany, France, USA, Ukraine, Moscow, Iraq and Azerbaijan. India and Vietnam are exporting Granite and Marble to many Middle Eastern and European countries, especially Turkey and USA. Ak Granit Marble Construction Stone. Singing. and Tic. Sti. Since 1984, the sector has become a leading company that grows and develops rapidly in the sector.

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